FEMA , FDI & Related Services
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We are client centric with our focus on and hence provide versatile range of services which can be easily availed and enable us to meet the exact demands of our clients

Branch/ Liaison Office:
Advising on the issues of establishment like branch/liaison/ project office in India by any foreign entity and any overseas branch of Indian entity including drafting and preparation of documents and obtaining approvals thereof.

Allotment/Transfer of Shares:
Ensuring compliance for allotment regarding intimation and submission of returns after receipt of FIRC & transfer of shares from resident to non resident keeping in mind the conditions & requirements laid down by the RBI & FEMA.

FDI Services:
Advisory, Consultancy and documentation for obtaining FDI with or without approval route and ensuring compliance of intimation and submission to the RBI including obtaining of approvals from the FIBP as per requirement of law & clients.

Compounding of offences:
Compounding of offences under FEMA to avoid litigation & maintaining cordial relation with the departments & authorities and related advisory and documentation thereof.

Closure and remittance of Fund:
Ensuring the compliance and disclosures regarding closure of Branch, liaison and project office and to obtain the required approvals from the competent authorities for repatriation of funds.