Labour Law Compliance & Audit
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Regular Compliances:
Complete Labour laws compliances on annual retainership or casual assignment basis as per requirement and reference from the clients.

Obtaining the license and registration:
To Obtain License from the different labour law authorities like Shop and Commercial Establishment, Fire NOC, FSS Licence, Contractual Labour Registration, Provident Fund, ESI and other respective authorities in different states of India.

Submission and depositing:
To submit & deposit workers/employees welfare fund (including calculation thereof) as per the rate prescribed by the concerned state laws and filing the returns thereof within the prescribed period.

Inspection & adjudication:
Assisting and facilitating the inspection of records by department and submission of further records as per directions of the department & providing other requirement like audit of vendor records, registration, license etc.

Maintenance of records:
Maintenance of records & registers as mandated by law & submission of annual & casual returns with the concerned & competent authorities within prescribed time period.

Comprehensive Audit:
Audit for all labour law related records for an establishment and critical analysis of the risk exposure or liability attached therewith and a solution focussed presentation with co-ordination with client be offered for decision making and course correction wherever required to ensure the optimum compliance of the Company.